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do you have what it takes to battle your enemies lightyears away from earth? can you compete with real, live opponents, in your lan and the internet? are you ready to join the fierce squad of the best pilots in the whole world? CSiS is the new mulitplayer space game experience that will not only gloriously revive the space action simulation genre that has been declared dead for almost a century, but redefine it and take it to the next level. charge your cannons!


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all figures and facts may vary, as this product is still in development.

system requirements

the requirements may vary, as this product is still in development. when this game is about to be released, we aim at middle and lower class systems to be able to run the game as well, so there will be plenty of options to tailor the graphics load to your machine.
  • Microsoft© Windows© XP/Vista/7
  • AMD/Intel Single Core CPU 2.5GHz - Multi Core CPU with 2.0 GHz+ recommended
  • 1024 MB RAM - 2048 MB recommended
  • DirectX 9c and latest GPU drivers
  • a fully shader model 3.0 capable GPU (Radeon X1xxx Series or GeForce 8600) with 128 MB RAM - GeForce 8800GTX or Radeon 3850 recommended - Intel GPUs not supported
  • broadband internet connection
  • DirectX 9 compatible sound card
  • mouse and keyboard (no gamepad mode)


opening pic

what does the name stand for?
CSiS stands for Combat Simulation System. the title emphasizes the focus on fighting and action that you can expect to experience while playing our game, while other games focus more on trading and economy.

when will it be released?
we have a joke running in the team that says 2049. seriously, when it's done.

what?! why is it taking you so long?
we are trying to ensure to make this game fun. hassle-free. good-looking. exceptional. our high standard requires time. we changed the multiplayer codebase for the 4th time already and underwent one engine change. we develop custom tools and extend the engine with our own routines. we do all that for you, to make this game as kick ass as possible. ah, and yes, we are only three and a half developers.

oh, the team is so small, can i participate?
sure. levels still need to be made and filled. think asteroids, nebulas, civilian space traffic, large asteroid-mining facilities and everything from ambient to action-loaded battle music. contact us in the 'conference room' if you think you can help out. and no, the work is not paid. nor are we. you can also donate, donators will be mentioned in the credits.

so, who are the faces behind CSiS?
we are a small team, with the majority coming from germany. the identity of the csis dev team is very mysterious, even the developers do not know each other's faces. but if you want to get to know us better, check out our personal websites - links on top of this page - or drop us a line in the board.