captain's log
countdown to 0.50

we are on the verge of testing our new 0.50 build and eventually releasing it at the end of this month. ... Read More

game mode: capture the station

a new game mode is finished: "capture the station" ... Read More

Bots, detail mapping, HUD-enhancement

CSiS now features computer-controlled players. No more empty servers! ... Read More

Dedicated server and Team Death Match

we tested the current version of the dedicated server today, and had some great results ... Read More

send your best wishes to wolfgang reichardt

we are very sorry to inform you all that our brilliant shader and graphics coder wolfgang was in a car accident which led to a rather long stay at the hospital. ... Read More

The road after the release of v0.30

There has been a great response from the public, loads of great ideas and hints ... Read More

v0.30 online

The CSiS development team is proud to officially announce the immediate availability of the CSiS Public Deathmatch Playtest. It is finally here! ... Read More

Alpha Release in 12 days

it is finally happening. the multiplayer playtest is about to go public. don't miss your chance to get our hands on our baby for the very first time. ... Read More

Getting there!

We are now getting close to the closed alpha test, that will be used to see if CSiS is fit for larger multiplayer battles with up to 16 players. ... Read More

delay, delay

i wish i had more pleasant things to report than yet another delay in the alpha playtest publishing, and actually i have, but this is probably the more pressing issue to report from the CSiS headquarters. ... Read More

the lost screenshots or "you said next week!"

hi everyone. we feel terribly sorry for letting you wait about a month for the new screens and updates when we promised it would be the week after easter. in our defense, it's not solely been our fault ... Read More

easter update

easter is approaching and we feel we should provide you with an update about what's going on with csis lately ... Read More

things that are on the way

it's been overly quiet here for the last few weeks. it's not (only) because we have been lazy ... Read More

new design up and running got a facelift while moving to a new server. now we have everything csis-related under one roof, which is a major improvement compared to the bits and pieces that were scattered all over the internet and bound together by some strange redirections we had previously ... Read More