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welcome to the download section of this webpage. CSiS is still in development, but you can get a free beta version today and join the fun online. we will keep you updated on the development process in the Captain's Log.

also, don't miss the numerous pictures and videos we have to offer on our "on screen" page.


Jan 26 2010 | filesize: 5.7 MB | downloads: 192
catimage interview #1
our first interview with the guys from

Jan 26 2010 | filesize: 2.2 MB | downloads: 159
catimage interview #2
the second interview in the series with enjoy!

game builds

Jun 11 2011 | filesize: 186 MB | downloads: 110
catimage CSiS Build 0.50 - 2011.06.10
The second official multiplayer test build. Please post bugs, comments, critique in our forums!

Download, unpack, and double-click "CSiSInstall.exe" to install. We recommend the free .7zip to unpack the archive.