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April 2011 - station mode

the april has seen the official introduction of the "capture the station" mode, or cts in short. two teams fight for dominance on the map. they each guard one station and try to capture the opposing one. stations are protected by three shield generators that have to be destroyed to make the station vulnerable. along with these new modes, you can see some new shaders, the amazing new "beam" effect, debris creation, and a modified team HUD. be sure to check out the video as well!


March 2011 - Bots

there were complaints about CSiS not having enough players online, so the past few weeks, we have sectretly been working on getting computer controlled players into CSiS. there is also a youtube video here that shows a scene where germanunkol is under heavy attack in a botmatch. also new in this revision are the team display (top screen border) and several graphics enhancements, like detail mapping on the asteroids, the new sun, new shadows, better lighting.


February 2011 - Pathfinding

there were complaints about CSiS not having enough players online, so the past few weeks, we have sectretly been working on getting computer controlled players into CSiS. one of the big obstacles we had to overcome was pathfinding, here are some dev shots. in the end, bots will be able to fire rockets and mines, evade rockets, accompany friends, detect if a nearby friend's being shot at and if so, come to his aid, pursue enemies, deploy space and asteroid turrets, switch between guns, hide until the health is refilled, evade enemy fire, buy and use asteroid turrets, space turrets and wingmen, use every weapon and ship available except for the doomsday rocket as well as earn and spend money.


January 2011 - shader rewrite

the new shader system offers improved shadows, nicer sun effects, an overall performance boost and shader model 2.0 compatibility for older cards.


December 2010 - Team Deathmatch

team deathmatch (tdm) is in the works. teammates will be constantly tagged by a green frame, shooting them will give you and your team a penalty. players can join one of four teams and hunt the other team down.


October 2010 - 0.30 public deathmatch test

impressions from the october 2010 public deathmatch playtest. there has been a great response from the public, loads of great ideas and hints and good feedback. thank you so much for that!


June 2010 - Soft Particle Nebula

the new nebula system with soft particles is not only a vast improvement over the the visuals of the old sprite-based system, but also needs a lot less particles to achieve a feeling of density and cloudiness.


May 2010 - Ships retuextured, new Shader Pack, Asteroids final

these are the shots of the long awaited easter update. those shots feature the new shader pack which gained us at least 20 fps while looking a lot better. what you cannot currently see on the shots are the new dynamic shadows and the self-shadowing radiosity normal maps. those are still in the works. asteroids are finalized for that level.


April 2010 - making of: light fighter

several evolutionary steps of one ship from lowpoly to ingame


February 2010 - asteroid turret

conceptual and textual renders of the new asteroid turret. ingame renders will follow shortly. check our youtube channel for a short clip with the tractor beam and this turret.


October 2009 - nebula and clusters

showing the new clustering technique made possible by a7 pro.


August 2009 - big station remake

the new big station that will be under attack in the "capture the station" game mode.


June 2009 - new shaders

first screenshots of CSiS after it received a whole set of new object and post processing shaders.



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