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Alpha Release in 12 days

Posted by Administrator (csisadmin) on Oct 08 2010
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it is finally happening. the multiplayer playtest is about to go public. don't miss your chance to get our hands on our baby for the very first time.

our team-intern tests have become more and more stable up to the point where there are only three more bugs to fix. hard crashes have become a very rare event. so what can you expect from this version? it will contain only the deathmatch game mode and one map, but is otherwise fully featured. we need the public test to have a stress situation for the network code. so far, we have only been able to test up to four players. seeing the game with up to 16 fighters would provide us with important information. we also included a crash reporter tool in this release, a one-click solution that sends everything we need to know our way, with your permission. please use it extensively.

along with the release, we will make a range of public announcements in numerous internet forums, as well as this website. there will be a number of "test with the devs" events where we host a server for you to play on. we hope to see you there soon!

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