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Posted by Administrator (csisadmin) on May 20 2011
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development in the last weeks has been a blast, kudos to the whole team. we are on the verge of testing our new 0.50 build and eventually releasing it at the end of this month. the list of changes and improvements would be too long to discuss here, but i want to highlight 4 new features that truly stand out and have not been revealed prior to this news post.

- dedicated servers with CLI control
CSiS 0.50 will ship with a dedicated server that can be contolled remotely via CLI (telnet, ssh) if you choose to do so. the server will have the ability to restore itself once it crashes (a rare case, we hope), so you will be able to install it and run it once, and the server can be up for as long as you choose.
- a new level
you probably have seen enough of our playground level by now, so we added a fantastic new ice environment with tons and tons of ice blocks, dense nebula and chilly winds. the right level for the summer season.
- new amazing music tracks
we have recently be joined by francesco di buono, an amazing italian composer, whose music will be featured in the new level pack. we are really thrilled to have that amazing talent aboard and we can promise you nothing short of stunning new music tracks.
- an interactive tutorial
that's right, csis 0.50 will come with a fully interactive tutorial level that teaches you how to steer your vessel through the emptiness of space, how to fire your guns, use the maps to your advantage, and so much more. we hope this will enable everyone to fully enjoy our game.

all those features join the already long list of improvements, like the two new game modes (team deathmatch, capture the station), BOT support, improved shaders, performance and stability, a rewritten startup tool, the auto updater, ...

we hope you will be as excited in the end as we are right now.

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