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CSiS 0.50 released

Posted by Administrator (csisadmin) on Jun 10 2011
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The CSiS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its multiplayer shooter CSiS - Combat Simulation System 0.50. Many months have passed since the first Public Playtest in October 2010 and we can assure you, the team has not been lazy. We have carefully analyzed all the data you have shared with us during this first test phase and made CSiS stronger, more stable, more fun. But this release is so much more than just bugfixes, it is stuffed to the top with incredible new features, which are so numerous that we cannot possibly tell you everything we have done. To wet your appetite, we have selected the 7 most outstanding features. CSiS 0.50 ships with CSiS 0.50 is completely free to play and represents yet another major milestone in our development cycle, download your copy today and join one of the servers we have running for you.

The Team will host one to 2 servers day and night for the first 5 days. but of course you are free to (and we would certainly appreciate if you would) host your own thanks to the included server tools.

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