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delay, delay

Posted by Administrator (csisadmin) on Aug 25 2010
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i wish i had more pleasant things to report than yet another delay in the alpha playtest publishing, and actually i have, but this is probably the more pressing issue to report from the CSiS headquarters. we thought we had it nearly bug-free by the end of last week, but now, with more and more players joining the game, it becomes more and more unstable and bugs seem to pile up that we have never encountered in our own in-dev testing games. in a nutshell, it will take us yet another while to iron out those new bugs.

on the bright side, a new model for the transport ship has been finished, and you will see pictures of it pretty soon.

the shader set is also nearing its completion, so stay tuned for some nice new images that achieve actual playable framerates on graphics boards as low as a geforce 6600 in medium to high details.

and the last thing to report: we have our first donator, Thomas Boisse. Hooray and thanks a lot! every small contribution counts and motivates us.

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