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easter update

Posted by Administrator (csisadmin) on Apr 02 2010
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easter is approaching and we feel we should provide you with an update about what's going on with csis lately. we had some minor rewrites of e.g. the startup tool (now using 21 megabytes less dependencies!) and the install system. furthermore, we entered a rather hot polishing phase - yes, it's true: csis is slowloy but steadily approaching a first playable alpha. the release of that alpha will come in two steps. first, the inofficial version that will be seeded to developers and close friends to iron out the worst bugs, and a week later, will be available to the general public. so we are heavily polishing graphics - models, skins, effects, and shaders. stay tuned for some very cool screenshots coming up next week. you won't be disappointed.

the demo will only include one level and the deathmatch modes. think of it more like a gameplay test than an actual demo.

there's no release date for the alpha yet. but we think we can do it before summer is over.

Last changed: Apr 02 2010 at 2:54 AM