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the lost screenshots or "you said next week!"

Posted by Administrator (csisadmin) on May 07 2010
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hi everyone. we feel terribly sorry for letting you wait about a month for the new screens and updates when we promised it would be the week after easter. in our defense, it's not solely been our fault. micha, our coder, recently moved and had to apply for a new internet connection. now, the thing with providers in germany is, since you depend on them and they know it, there's less than no service and they always take a month longer than they say. in addition to that extra-month, they got him a much slower connection than they promised, from 25mbit down to 3mbit. screw you, telecom.

so the new screenshots are up in our gallery. we hope you like the new asteroids and the overhaul of the ship textures. all effects have been enhanced and spiced up with some shader goodness. wolfgang's renderer extension is now fully integrated in the framework, and while enhancing the looks of the whole game, it is actually faster than before, we gained more than 20 frames on our test machines. dynamic shadows look wicked on our testing systems, but are not as fast and angle-independent as we would like them to be, so we did not include them in the screenshots. we also have some very amazing self shadowing radiosity normal maps in the pipeline that will make the game objects look even cooler, but we are still trying to figure out how to use them without having a big impact on the overall performance.

we are currently trying to get an endorsement for our game to make the alpha playtest as good as we can, we will keep you updated about all the recent developments.

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