Modern War Gaming Strategy

Wargames and Strategy games can help modern military commanders make crucial decisions on the battlefield and help ensure a favorable outcome.

How will AI (Artificial Intelligence) impact Wargames & Strategy Games for the international security community?

The balance of power and how to predict and navigate the geopolitical landscape for international advisors' policy makers, and military strategists has become increasingly more technical in nature. Going all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire, a great military strategy has been the key to any victory. Scipio Africanus, the Roman general turned military advisor, is often regarded as one of the best military strategists in history. The defeat of Hannibal at the Battle of Zama (Modern Day Tunisa) in 202 BC, was his crown achievement and a battle often studied in war colleges around the world. In the 1980's the movie Wargames showed us a glimpse of the future in regard to man's future reliance and developing threats to countries around the world by the use of computers, software and Artificial Intelligence.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

As long as the world continues to turn, nations of people have grievances, or disagreements with one another that lead to war. As boys grown into men, common toys have always developed from stones and slingshots to knives and guns and to our current modern world... war related video games have sparked in interest for many young men to pursue careers in the military. In the past, before there were games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, kids played boardgames like Risk. According to Wikipedia, the popular board game "Risk" is a strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest that was surprisingly invented by a French film director in 1957 and later adapted in 1996 as a video game. Today there are very complex video games where youth develop highly coveted skills by the military such as drone operator's careers in the Air Force. Everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about drones.. from amateur drone operators in the public park to game players and daily puzzle solvers looking for that elusive 5 Letter word in wordle "D R O N E".

What countries are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the battlefield in 2023?

For a while now countries such as Israel, China, and the United States have been focusing on how to further the advancement of AI use in modern weapons and defense systems. From machine touting robots to drones circling above targets and releasing munitions based on AI software, have been game changers in reducing human involvement in conflict. As the war in Ukraine rages on, some of the campaigns look reminiscent of a 1914 late summer battle during WW1, where machine gun fire forced troops on the Western Front to dig bunkers and trenches to protect themselves. Nations watching this war closely and since the invasion have also noticed new tactics, technology and the modern use of AI, not seen in any previous war.

As invading Russian troops (the word troops can also be used interchangeably with poorly trained convicts released from prison to be sacrificed on the battlefield) resort to age old trench warfare and trying to push through with seriously outdated equipment and strategy, the Ukrainian forces have the will, hearts and minds of young patriots often using the latest technology and new tactics to fight the much larger Russian army. Western companies like Utah based Fortem have helped Ukraine soldiers use AI powered drone hunting systems called Drone Interceptors. Instead of using costly missiles to down Group 3 drones (55 + pounds) like the Iranian-made Shahed-136, suicide drone, a Drone Interceptor can disable them with far less collateral damage.

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PBS has a great story on the use and advancements made by drone use in the Ukrainian war.

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